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Correspondence from Jeannette Marks to Mary Woolley

Correspondence from Jeannette Marks to Mary Woolley
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American Public Health Association

The United States of America

The Dominion of Canada The Republic of Mexico

The Republic of Cuba

Officers, 1914-1915 President, Prof. WILLIAM T. SEDGWICK, Boston, Mass. First Vice-President, DR. C.J. HASTINGS, Toronto, Canada Second Vice-President, Dr. JUAN GUITERAS, Havana, Cuba Third Vice-President, Dr. C.E. TERRY, Jacksonville, Florida Secretary, Prof. S.M. GUNN, Boston, Mass. Treasurer, Dr. LEE K. FRANKEL, New York, N.Y.


Westport-on-Lake Champaign, New York. Sunday Afternoon.

May darling; what a good Muddy Peddy you are! Thanks for the little purse and all your constant thought of me......Everything goes all right here except that Gussie has it all on her back and often gets tired to the point of breaking....However!......Dorothy has not taken any initiative about anything and I do not believe she will. She quickly broke down under the stress of the puppy's charges and hurrahs and by Friday morning she was semi-hysterical. As I have to get up very early and cannot manage the care of more than one dog and his medical treatment and the oversight of everything on the place, I decided to have her Ladyship room with Charlie, which she is doing to the mutual delight of both until your return and maybe after that for I cannot go indifintely without my sleep.....The plays progress slowly but surely and Mr. Anthony and I are having a very interesting time. Someday, if I live, I am certain there will be another play besides the Cuckoo to base out fortune on....I will write at greater length before long. I must get ready now to take Mr. A. out. Your very loving Big Gus who loves you.

{postmark} Westport N.Y. Jul 25 1915

Miss M.E. Woolley,

Care Mrs. J.H. Laughlin,

217 Hill Crest Road,



Jeannette Marks

Westport-on-Lake Champlain

New York

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