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Correspondence from Jeannette Marks to Mary Woolley

Correspondence from Jeannette Marks to Mary Woolley
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Fleur De Lys, Sunday Afternoon

May darling; I am literally the only person in the house. Even my doggie is gone, following the buckboard in which I have sent L.B.A. and Dorothy out for the afternoon....I have to straight-out account and am glad to be alone. I must pay Charlie and Marie and Katharine and get ready for the money slide from my special account....This must be got out of the way for two or more reasons, one of them being the fact that I am just coking on to be unwell and that means eight days crippled.....My play THE DOCTOR on which Mr. A and I are working hard is coming on finely so far. We finished this morning the first rough draft of the third act. I suppose you would be worried if you could hear us, for we sound like a mild prize fight. But, as Mr. A. puts it, it is our conflict which generates the thought. It is really turning out better than I thought it could. And given enough health for Gussie and it may make a fortune for you and me. Just you wait, I may yet make you an awful nice present of a few thousand dollars for your car you want.

And speaking of presente. Please do not get me the expensive material you had planned to get. What I would like much better would be a bargain dress for about five dollars already made up, and which with a little alteration I could put on my back. I really mean this, for I am not decent this summer and have not enough to keep me clean. I need something in old blue or light blue check. The simpler the better. No use in sending it tome to be made up. I can't take the time and there is no one to do it. I want something I can put on in the morning and wear for a week of mornings and not these white things which the dogs simply ruin....Your young hopeful is both a terror and a dear. She got a large and VERY dead frog today and put it in Wellesley's bed. Just imagine the old gentleman's disgust, accustomed to lavender sheets , as he is!

I must get to accounts now.

Your loving Gussie.

{envelope front}

{postmark mostly illegible}

Addressed to:

Miss Mary E. Woolley,

Care Mrs. W.S.Young,

345 South Boyle Avenue,

Los Angeles,



Fleur de Lys

Westport-on-Lake Champlain

New York

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