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Correspondence from Jeannette Marks to Mary Woolley

Correspondence from Jeannette Marks to Mary Woolley
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{letterhead} Westport-on-Lake Champlain

New York {end letterhead}

August 5, 1915.

Peddy dear: You were a dear good Peddy to send the candied fruit. Just at present, it is a little drippy. But Dorothy has taken it {word illegible} to the ice box, and it should soon be hardened. I imagine it came through some parlous hot weather……

Don’t you get blue, Muddy darling, but think of all the chances to do and see things you are having while I stay here and worry and grub through the days with a pack of incompetents on my back. to {illegible} class thus R doth belong . . . . T. B. A. {word illegible} yesterday. I had a fine time thrashing out the scenario of THE DOCOR with him to act as critic, public, etc. etc. And he had a fine time here. He is really excellent company, selfish and a little sharp-dealing, but humorous, and easy to take care of. . . . . I can’t use the typewriter today, for I am unwell. My seige began last Sunday. I hope by Monday to be myself. If I am not, I shall ice bag{?}.

Your “pacifists” are sentimentalists. To arms I say and put down this hyena Germany. After that time enough to talk of peace. You can’t oppose violence with anything else but violence. Also {or Alas?}, I have killed—shot—3 squirrels today. They are cutting down all the pears. . . . . Goodbye Peddy dear. Your doggy is a darling.

With a heart full of love,



Miss Mary E Woolley

Hotel St. Francis

San Francisco,


{back of envelope} Jeannette Marks

{printed} Westport-on-Lake Champlain, New York

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