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Letter from Julia Hyde to Lucy Goodale, circa 1837

Letter from Julia Hyde to Lucy Goodale, circa 1837
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Wednesday morn

My own dear Lucy

Thanks for your kind note by the hand of Dr. Ames. I think you would have been amused had you seen the interest with which all greeted it. It seemed to afford Pa peculiar pleasure - you can tell why.

Adeline was at home when it came - She spent an hour or two with us. Hers are "angel visits" sweet, yet short and "few and far between". She is

well and hearty. She desired much love to you and your sisters.

How would your home seem to you, dear Lucy, should you find no sister or brother there? We are so quiet, so silent here. I sometimes think I am in danger of mental dissipation from having my mind so continually occupied about the dear absent member of our household. There is danger of forgetting the connection with those around me and the duties I owe them, especially in the present posture of affairs, which turn back so many of my sympathies upon ourselves. But doubtless these are the needed trials, oh, that I might be benefitted by them.

How is your dear mother? It {page damaged} be a comfort to her to have "Lucy there to watch over the little ones.

Has your heart been cheered by the society of Mary Lucy? I think her face is turned another way - her heart’s affections directed into a new channel. It is sweet to see such changes – and especially in those whom we so love.

Our " Society" met yesterday at Deac. Rice’s. We are making up a box for the Sandwich Islands. I did not attend as we had company, but Ma said there was a full and interesting meeting. Love to you and your little sisters

from Julia

Miss Lucy F. Goodale

A Gem


She is lying,

With her lips apart;


She is dying

Of a broken heart!


She is going

To her final rest.


Life is growing

Dim within her breast.


She is sleeping,

She has breathed her last.


While you’re weeping,

She to Heaven has past!

Chs. G. Easton

“They were here but now are not

We are here but soon shall be forgot.”

Age of Woman

14 – Two first. seven years for a rod they do whine

28 – Two next – as a pearl on the world they do shine.

42 – Two next – trim beauty beginneth to swerve

56 – Two next – for matron or drudges they serve.

70 – Two next = do crave a staff for a day

84 – Two next – a bier to fetch them away

Thomas Turner

The thorns which I haver reaped are of the tree I planted. they have torn me and I bleed. I should have known what fruit would spring from such a seed.


My mother! when I learned

That thou wast dead –

say I was then conscious of

the tears I shed!


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