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Letter from Julia Hyde to Lucy Goodale, 1840 March 01

Letter from Julia Hyde to Lucy Goodale, 1840 March 01
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Wayland, Sabbath eve - March {?} - 1840

My dear Lucy

Need I tell you how much I was comforted by your letter which Pa brought me yesterday? I had long been wishing for one, and I told Ma I thought I should have one that day. And now I seize the earliest opportunity of writing though conversation is going on around me and I fear I shall make out poorly. But I cannot wait so long to hear from you again - you will be more and more occupied in study - and I know something of the interest with which you are looking towards the ocean - thinking that ere long it may bring those beloved yet stranger friends - whom having not seen you love so much - So I think I must get so much of you as I can now - not that I fear then you will forget me - but because I shall of choice step aside and try to cease my demands upon your time.

I have just returned from our Monthly Concert - we have been thinking of the pecuniary necessities of the Board. No doubt you have thought of them too - and have felt the prompting of benevolence within your heart. I hope you do not find yourself like me so soon relapsing into indifference. And the missionaries at the Sandwich Islands -

how much we should pray for them in the bitter trials they now experience. but while God is on the throne we may still be assured that all things shall work for good to his people.

At home things go on much as usual - Mamma is alternating between health and sickness - yet she is very comfortable. I am busy - but generally happy too - indeed I think I have enjoyed this winter as much as last - though I have wanted a sister's society often. Little Mary prattles to us, she is grown very talkative lately. I do not read very much. I have reread Milton and have am now reading Shakespear - selecting those plays oftenest referred in books - or which my mother thinks most worthy of reading. I have read - "King John - Merchant of Venice - Macbeth - Richard third - King Lear. There are some things in Shakespear which must give pain in reading vulgarity and almost profanity - yet those parts i have read have less than I expected - and on the whole I am interested in it. One finds so many references to this author in reading that some acquaintance with him seems desirable at least. We do not get along in Upham as I should like - but Thomas dislikes to read aloud even worse than I do - and I give him much credit for doing so at all.

Abby Rice is hoping you will write to her - she thinks too the time long that she receives no answer to her application - I try to encourage her, and tell her Miss Lyons is waiting to find a place for her. For me I do not suppose after all it will be possible for me to go. Mary Lucy's father made application for her - but recieved a negative reply. We have been feeling a great deal of solicitude for her lately - she seems at times deeply serious. But I fear she is trying to put off the subject. Do pray for her. Charlotte and Adeline we hear from often - they are well.

{written sideways in margins} I shall be very busy to morrow - and Pa gives me some encouragement he will fill the blank pages. Do write soon if you can. Love to Miss Ordway and all whom I love and adieu from your Julia.

{continued in margins of first page} Charlotte said in one letter "Why does not Lucy write to me?" The time of their return is decided.

I am sorry for you some, Lucy - and much as I revere Miss Lyon I do dissent from her on the subject of "haste." For her with her intellectual and physical force it may do but I am not equal to it - and perhaps it is wicked but I sometimes feel a little comforted that you are partly like me in this respect. I hope you will not get sick.

I wish you had Elizabeth for a roommate - but Mrs Thomas says "Oh ask thou - hope thou not too much

Of sympathy below

Few are the hearts whence at one touch

The same sweet fountains flow

Few and by still conflicting powers

Forbidden here to meet

Such ties would make this life of

Too fair for aught - so fleet."

I presume you remember the whole. There is poetry & truth in it. I saw your dear mother on New Year's day and I hear from Elizabeth sometimes by way of letter. They will perhaps have a mini[s]ter soon.

I thought very much of you and of the Seminary on Thursday - I trust it was a precious day to you all.

Sickness and death among you must be peculiarly affecting - Elizabeth showed me the letter describing the death of your loved companion. Such scenes bring us nearer to another world - it is pleasant to think of friends in heaven.

{in another handwriting}

My very dear Lucy, My daughter has expressed desire to have me take the pen and write a few lines to you. It would be a real pleasure to me could I say anything to cheer you on in your progress in knowledge, and especially in piety. I trust you are making thorough work in all the branches of study which come under regular lessons. Do not pass over anything superficially. This is a great danger attending young men at College, and young ladies at Mt. Hol. Sem. may not be entirely out of danger from the same cause. I should recommend to every youth at home or at school to have something like Todo Index Rerum always at hand, not to write off sentences, but to treasure up great, and good thoughts, under {illegible}priate heads. But dear Lucy, Be daily at the feet of Jesus, not as a form, but with the deep impression of this great truth, that you must have daily help from him or be miserable, and poor and wretched. Why, Lucy it is so. Your studies in the best of schools bubbles without piety, growing piety. Prize very highly praying hours, and sabbath hours. Do not so chase literary shadows as to get too fatigued to enjoy devotional seasons. This would be a worse mistake than to get a bad mark for a bad lesson. But I so poorly satisfy myself in writing that I will not occupy your precious time, to read more.

We all love Lucy. I hope Julia and Charlotte will be with you next year. Your friend, Lavius Hyde

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