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Letter from Julia Hyde to Lucy Goodale, circa 1840

Letter from Julia Hyde to Lucy Goodale, circa 1840
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{archivist notes: [undated] [spring 1840]}

Wayland, Sat morn.

Have you reached your beloved home once more, my dear Lucy? How gladly would I fly to meet you and congratulate you on such happiness. Had I the wings of the wind, or were my body able to follow the flight of the soul, you would have seen me stealing many a glance at you during this eventful week.

And now have you returned alive, or have study and excitement

made a spectre of you? But I will not jest on such a topic -- I know not how it is with my Lucy -- only is she not always and everywhere in the keeping of the Heavenly Father?

I have heard that your friends went to South Hadley for you -- I suppose this gave you some new reasons for interest in "examination," for I remember when I was there I felt quite unconcerned because no on present would care for me or I for them. How did the thing pass off? well of course, but i want to know all about it. You were to have Pres.

Hopkins to deliver the address - he {corner torn; likely "is a"} great favorite with me.

Have you anything to say to me as to my own prospects? Papa is quite desirous I should enter -- you know what I think -- so we are quite in the dark.

Mamma is comfortable -- better than a few weeks since. Papa not well - he has a paralytic affection about one side of his head which destroys the hearing. Things go on much as usual - Mary Lucy and Elizabeth Kent are to be recieved to the church tomorrow. Spent the night with Adeline Monday - she is well & happy.

Do let me see or hear from you soon.

Love to you from every one of us. Your Julia

Mother sent me up to say she depends upon a good long visit from Lucy. Do come - I want to tell you of my visit of a week at Mr Chapman's Cathy. Miss Lucy T. Goodale



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