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Letter from Julia Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale, 1840 October 15

Letter from Julia Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale, 1840 October 15
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South Hadley, Oct 15 1840

My dear Mrs Goodale

I have been putting up the bundle for you in the best way I have thought of - I hope it will reach you safely- The drawer contained, besides the articles sent- 1 pr sheet - 1 pr. pillow cases - and a number of books - These last of which I enclose a list. I retain, fearing they might injure if done in such an envelope as I could put upon the other things - I presume we can arrange to send them during the year - or at least when Abby returns. But ok, how many thoughts, sad thoughts are wakened by their employments. How this brings up the image of the dear departed friend

who has so often shared my joys here and to whom I was looking for so much addition to them again. Abby Price occupies the same room which Lucy left- a very pleasant room indeed Mine is a story lower- No. 7, because MIss Lyon has put me on the "Sick Circle", and given me somewhat the offices of an apothecary and nurse - She hopes to take care of "health" more efficiently than ever before seeming to feel that the providence which has taken so many of her number during this vacation has a voice on that subject. She speaks to us almost daily - and has made various regulations which she wishes to be as "The Medes and Persians" - one is that we never study in "recreation hours," another that we walk for mile and return every day , unless by special excuse from herself. We have a large family- Miss Whitman says we can never begin to count till the end of few weeks - but I believe there are over 130 or

more. They seem thus far very happy- {page damaged} very amiable- About 27 among us express no hope - With these Miss Lyon and Miss Whitman hold a meeting every Saturday evening. One or two seem quite serious - I know not but more Miss Lyon seems to feel more deeply for the spiritual welfare of her "family" than ever before - She often speaks of the removal of so many of her "daughters" to heaven and of the high importance of preparation for that world. Miss Whitman is speaking of the same - said she thought of the surprise and joy with which they had greeted each other in their home above - " And are you here too." seemed to her the language of one to another there. I presume Abby will have opportunity to send home about Thanksgiving, if so I will endeavor to send the books left- Otherwise they will await your orders. Love to Mary and little Harriet from yours truly. Julia

{written on the reverse:} Will you excuse the envelope of the bundle? I thought it firmer than paper - it was left in the room I occupy a year ago or longer.

Mrs. M. W. Goodale

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