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Letter from Julia Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale, 1841 February 10

Letter from Julia Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale, 1841 February 10
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Mt. Holyoke Seminary. Feb. 10, 1841

My dear Mrs. Goodale,

It was an unexpected yet sweet and wonderful pleasure to receive your letter. I love to be reminded of Lucy- and I find much here which brings her image before me. And when the hand of Spring clothes the mountains and vallies with their verdant robes will our favorite haunts breathe her name in my ear.

I have often thought of you - I have pictured to myself your lonely house when the little girls were away. I have know something of thatt grief which will come over the mind when we find that our dwellings are indeed "left unto us desolate" And it is not when we stand beside the dying, or take the last look of the precious dust that our loss is most deeply felt. It is when we are left alone when every thing returns to its coolest channel, that the stream of affection finds its way obstructed and brings over us the most over powering sense of loneliness. But why should I say this - a mother's heart has felt it all but too keenly.

But the thought of Lucy is a pleasant one to me - I think of her as the happy, the saintest friend. To have a friend in heaven - one with whom I held such endearing inter-course - the thought brings that bright world very near to me. And I love to believe that our friends there love us yet, that

perhaps they look upon us, and interest themselves in our hopes and joys and sorrows, and are our "ministering spirits." " Not lost, but gone before. " are they who have left us.

Lucy's grave - the thought that I should stand by her grave never entered my mind. It is precious dust that reposes there and our Father's care shall keep it safely. She shall rise again. You asked me for a motto - I would not be left to choose - but this has been a pleasant one to me. " Them which sleep in Jesus shall God bring with him."

The meetings of the Memorandum Society have been occupied in giving a brief account of each member. At a recent meeting Lucy's name came in its turn. Miss Lyon spoke of her with deep interest, as among the most lovely. She said also that her improvement while here was fully equal to that of any one whom she could mention.

You inquired the names of those who had died since the close of the year. Disease and death have been unusually busy- yet the number is not very great. The young ladies have bee spared before. Those of whom death heave heard I will mention. Lucy H. Clarke, Harriet B. Hollister, Martha A. Walker, S.S. Judd, ^{Maria Graves}, and Lucy D. Webster who were here last year. Catherine S. Leach, G. L. Shumway, Mary & Martha Chapin have been brought near the grave by violent fever but are all recovered.

The Spirit of God has been among us with its gentle influences from the commencement of the year. Though there has seldom been a manifestation of very deep ^{general} feeling 10 pr 16 have expressed hope, and nearly all who came impenitent have placed themselves in the attitude of inquirers. Eight or ten of the young ladies have this week been examined for admission to the church here. Dear Charlotte is among them. Will you not remember her particularly

for it is a solemn thing to take those vows upon her. And rejoice with us too, that she is disposed thus to write herself to the people of God.

I inquired of MIss Torrey ( the drawing teacher) about Lucy's drawings. She said she remembered that she was in the class - but knew nothing of her drawings. they were not in her room I am quite sure- and I fear they are lost.

Miss Lyon's health is better than a few weeks since. I think her rest is doing her good. But she cannot keep quite still- rest is harder for her than employment I believe.

My time is indeed fully occupied but I shall love to find now and then a fragment of which I may hold intercourse with "Lucy's home". Julia Feb. 12 1841

My dear Mrs Goodale,

Since I have been in the family, of which dear Lucy was for years a member, have done the same domestic work, and for for a while occupied the same room which she did. I have had frequent occasion to think of her bereaved Mother. And while you weep, for " religion has no tear frown for tears that nature sheds o'er smitten friends, you have the sweet {?} consolation of thinking you have trained a child for heaven- Your anxiety for ^{her} has ceased. You have the blessed assurance, that her trials are ended, and that she has gone to be forever with the Saviour whom she so ardently loved on earth. O would she exchange that blissful abode, for a situation in Mt. Holyoke Sem. or her once dear home which was to her the dearest spot on earth. We would not wish her back.

Does not the assurance that we have friends in heaven , have the affect to loosen our hold on earth, As we contemplate their employment, how insignificant do the joys of earth appear. I think you cannot regret that two years of her short life were spent in the Sem. Though if you had known that she was to be taken from earth so soon you might have felt that her last year must have be passed at home, we cannot doubt that the advantages she here enjoyed were better adapted to prepare her for heaven, than she could could have possessed in almost any other

situation. Yrs with respect, Abby Price.

Sabbath eve. I fear Abby was afraid to write more because I left her so little room. I wished she should commence but she then thought she should be unable to find time to write - and when I began writing I forgot to stop sooner.

{Envelope] Postmark FEB 15 SOUTH HADLEY MASS Mrs. M. W. Goodale Marlborough Mass {side margin} The catalogues are not yet out and I know not how soon they are expected. Charlotte desires a bit affection at remembrance. Much love to dear Mary and Harriet. I hope they are comforting their mother.

I hope to have the privilege of writing to you again and I need not say how much, very much I shall value letters from you. Truly yours Julia.

Last Friday was observed by the church in this place as a day of prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit. Miss Lyon also decided that it should be observed among us- and that day with the succeeding ones have been solemn days. There has been a more visible solemnity than at any previous time. Deac. Safford & wife are with us and they enter with all their hearts into the work. I know that your prayers will ascend with airs that the blessing may come in rich measure.

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