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Letter from Julia Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale, 1841 November 08

Letter from Julia Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale, 1841 November 08
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South Hadley, Nov. 8, 1841 No. 2 Holyoke Seminary Dear Mrs. Goodale

It is not in my heart to offer a sheet filled with apologies - though I have been unable to write as I wished. I fear you have thought me an ungrateful, forgetful child - but I think that could you see my heart you would not attribute my silence to such causes.

I wished and intended to write from Stockbridge, the home of my affections, during vacation, and I thought how much more a letter could be worth if my dear mother could write a part. The proposal pleased her and we waited for the day when she should have strength to commence a letter. But the pen has become almost a forbidden instrument with her and company claimed all the energy she had to spare; till at last I found myself in the very bustle of packing for Holyoke - There I thought I shall soon be settled in my quiet room - and shall find plenty of time for a letter. This hope too was vain - there has scarce been a moment I could call my own - not even to fulfil [sic] my duty in writing to my mother. There were a few days when I almost allowed the press of employment to make me unhappy - but how could I quite be so in this my

"mountain home"?

Is Mrs. Thurston with you? if so she has perhaps told you how desolate our habitation looked at our first assembling. I know she is willing to make all allowance - but I hope she will see us in a better state before she thinks of this as Persis' home. The building is not completed yet - but we are much more orderly and quiet - nearly as much is as usual. There is a very interesting group of young ladies collected here - I have never had such a circle of friends as now. In my own serial habitation in the south west corner of the fourth story are Adeline dear, and a cousin from Stockbridge. Then there is Mary Lucy - a sister too - and Persis whom I long loved for Lucy's sake - and now very warmly for her own with many dear ones who have returned from last year.

I wish dear Mary and Harriet were here to come up to my pleasant room and look down upon the beautiful prospect. The mountains stretching away into Connecticut- the river - and the white villages- are very beautiful. When we first came the charm was heightened by the rich and many tinted foliage - but to day all is clad in the white drapery of winter.

The members of the school are younger this year than ever before - and there has been an unusual thoughtlessness among them. It was perhaps owing to Miss Lyon's excessive load of care and the consequent omission of some of our accustomed religious services during the first week or two- at least this had some influence. The greater part of the young ladies are professing Christians- 110 I believe are so - about 12 indulge hope- and 50- or 60 class themselves as the impenitent. For a few days past we have been cheered with indications that the Holy Spirit is among us. There is nothing very marked - but some are willing to take the attitude of inquirers, and Christians seem more prayerful. I need hardly ask that you will remember us for I knew we are not forgotten in Lucy's home.

Tuesday eve - I have just heard that Miss Leaver's brother has arrived - and I hope to hear from Marlboro by him. Mary Lucy is made exceeding happy by a packet from home. I mentioned to her to day that I was writing - "she said, "give much love and tell Mrs Goodale I am happy here." She is a very dear sister to us.

I must tell you how ashamed I am of my own distrust - Miss Lyon appointed an inquiry meeting and 19 young ladies were present two or three are indulging some hope. Christians seem to be feeling as Jacob did- "surely the Lord is in this place and I know it not."

And all this time I have not told you of my new home - a "mountain home" truly - among these western hills. My father was installed at Becket Oct 20- and the family are all together there beside Adeline and myself. It is a small place - but there is good to be done ^{in} it. They write that meetings are very full and interesting. We are quite near home now about 30 miles from it. Charlotte is performing the duties of housekeeper. Mother is quite comfortable - but she had one or two seasons of bleeding just before she went there. Thomas is expecting to come in December to the Williston Seminary at Easthampton - just over the river. We are thinking he will be quite in our neighborhood. We had a very sweet little visit from our father last week- he came to Springfield on business and rode up to spend an hour or two here. Dear {Dean?} Mouman's daughter came with him.

I must excuse myself for a short letter to day- for I wish would to send several letters by Mr. Leaver. Adeline sends much love to yourself and the dear little girls - my love goes with hers. We shall be very happy to hear whenever you can devote the time to write. Affectionately yours Julia -

Mrs. M.W. Goodale Marlborough Mass

Mr Leaver-

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