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Letter from Julia Hyde to Rev. Lavius Hyde, 1841 November 14

Letter from Julia Hyde to Rev. Lavius Hyde, 1841 November 14
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South Hadley, Nov. 14, 1841 Sabbath eve.

Time "stolen" is sweeter than "stolen waters," if I may devote it to my dear friends at home. I have been ready to rebel because Miss Lyon in her far reaching grasp has laid her hand on Sabbath evening and required us to study. Those who keep it as Sabbath must study on Saturday eve and "she has said," letters must be written washing day. But last washing day I "cultivated my social propensities," giving or receiving visits nearly all day - and writing letters to Mrs Goodale, Mrs Ames, Abby Rice and Lydia beside. Now it seemed to me high time I informed you of our state and welfare- so Logic must be laid aside, one half hour. I like Logic very well - and we are making some progress - but it has not reached my heart yet, so do not look for its effects in my letter.

This has been communion Sabbath here. Mr Hawks officiated - Mr Condit is confined yet, but I have not heard from him for a week. In the Seminary there has been more than usual stillness and solemnity. Miss Lyon appointed an inquiry meeting last Sabbath eve and to the surprise of all-19 were present. To day 23 attended, some of them feeling very deeply - and three or four expressing some hope. Miss Whitman says it is astonishing - and we all feel it so - for the Lord came among us when we knew it not.

Mr Rufus Leaver visited his sisters on Wednesday. He brought Mary Lucy a package from home- of some days standing- but very comforting to her. Mr. Allen had received a call - and was gone to Bangor to bring his wife. The good folks all much as usual. Mrs. A.

Sherman had a little babe. Mr L had scarcely been in Marlboro for several weeks - and brought no tidings from our friends there.

We received a letter from Aunt Harriet yesterday - she said Thomas and Aunt Sarah had just set out on an excursion to Cornwall, which thing I was happy to hear. I suppose your tidings from those parts are fresher than ours. The Observer came yesterday too - it has hitherto been delayed until Tuesdays - it is a very great comfort to us. The reading room begins to look like home again- The Recorder- Herald - North American and Biblical Repository have found their places there. The sight of the first is very grateful to Mary and she makes duty of reading it - there is a home feeling to it which the Obs. cannot have.

Few days pass in which I do not receive some message of love for Lottie. You must send back some in return I believe. Rebecca and Carra always love you - Martha Coan and Jane Boris said kind words - Anna {Melory?} dear too - and MIss Whitman asked me this eve to give her love to Charlotte, but I must certainly study - or poor Miss Moore will be ashamed of her Logicians, so good night.

Julia has bequeathed a part of this sheet to me, and I follow her example in stealing time from study hours; but Miss Torrey ought not to complain of me - for she gives us lessons so long that we cannot recite in the specified time and then contrives to take time to hear the remainder either from our study or recreation hours. Friday evening we recited a full hour and a quarter - in addition to the time allowed us in the morning. Miss Reed is my teacher in Algebra. We hope to finish Algebra and Physiology before Thanksgiving. I shall be sorry to leave my good teachers but perhaps I shall have the same in some other study.

Our seats have been changed again in Seminary Hall- and I am placed next to Julia in Miss Whitman's section for which I am

glad. I had not been next her before. Harriet Hayes had been my constant seatmate in Sem. Hall- sections -Family meeting & every where - Now I am between Julia and Miss Elisabeth Hawkes. Mr Hawkes three daughters all sit in a row and are going to graduate together.

Time passes very rapidly - I can hardly believe we have been here more than a month- but it seems long since we heard from the dear people at home. I should like to talk with you but I must study - Good night.

Monday morn. I besought Cornelia to lend a helping hand last eve that we might finish this epistle, but it did not seem convenient to her. She is well and happy - and seems likely to get good from her residence here. Julia Lee is one of those who have manifested deep interest and she has expressed some trembling hope- Rebecca's roommate Miss {?} is feeling very deeply.

We begin to feel the approaches of "Thanksgiving" - I have laughed fifty times that some of us made mention of that event while Pa was here - we were so thankful for him to remember any other blessing. Miss Lyon has give us a very cordial invitation to pass Thanksgiving with her and probably we shall accept. I rather hope they will not send for us at home- for I fear Cornelia will feel "lonesome" if she is left behind. Cousin Harriet was in Blandford within a week or two, but I have heard nothing from her directly.

I visited Mrs Montague a few days since. She and her household are well, though the children look rather pale from the effects of lung fevers during vacation. She sent love to Charlotte.

We begin to think of "December" a little. The notice of the Williston Seminary appears in all the papers and the time seems not very far off. I hope Thomas will continue to call on us- when he comes. Serino Eaton expects to go there next spring.

Composition days come now on Saturday, and Charlotte can guess how they make us look. My girls think they fare hard - and I have to

pretend tis very pretty to make compositions. But I wished my mother was here to help me last Saturday- for I got hold of a subject bigger than myself - and struggled and fluttered most painfully. "The Earth a scene of pleasure and improvement" was the thing. I have my heart much set on learning to write composition this year- "if it be possible". But there is not very much ease to be had Saturday - for what with Family meeting, and Table meetings, and Teacher's meeting, and Lectors meeting, and Sem exercise and a few other inexpressible things - the guide people cut up time into slices a thin as wafers.

I think of Lottie's Composition day - I have not yet got so harnessed up with the other folks as I did with her - I can't get any body to correct my productions.

S. Hadley Nov. 1841 {postmark} SOUTH HADLEY MA NOV 15

Ella {?} says "love to Lottie." Anna Browne did send ever so much, did I give it? She is at Brimfield yet- and I presume she will not come here to stay again. Miss {C?} received a letter from Eliza Hall a few days since. She is in better health than usual - is going west to live with {Junius?}. Don't tell me this was done in a hurry. don't I know it already. Votre Julia. Love or goodwill to "the people" if they will {written on side margin} accept it- those that deserve it.

[first page, written vertically in left and upper margin] Do you see stars in Becket- they are very bright here - and some of our clan (Rebecca, Mary + we) have got quite in the habit of walking our half mile before half hours in the morning. And when I first come up in the morning and see Orion, Sirius and such like Charlotte knows who I think of. If I had one bit of time I would write to that Miss Cheney but I don't know as I shall.

Carra Boris wants to write to Charlotte - if I could have entered rooms last eve I would have given her a place in this sheet. She is as natural as can be. Her father made her a half hour visit last week, the dear good man.

Our wing is getting on -- suppose we fly -- Mr. Hyde is to have a habitation for himself and household there- he inquires after "my sisters" once in a while.

Mary read me all her letters from home - one was from her father- and is a good one it was. Nancy Dasher & two young gentlemen have been expelled from Mr. F's school for break of rules - what rules not mentioned.

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