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Letter from Julia Hyde and Abby B. Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale

Letter from Julia Hyde and Abby B. Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale
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Middlefield August 14, 1846

My dear Mrs. Goodale

Though I have not had the pleasure of receiving a letter from you addressed to myself, yet it has been my privilege to see the one you sent to Julia, & she & I are accustomed to make common stock of our comforts of this sort, thereby increasing the amount of our individual enjoyment. And truly we feel it to be a blessed thing to have friends, christian friends, with whom we may take sweet counsel here & hope to enjoy uninterrupted & delightful intercourse in the world of love. To you we both feel allied not only by congeniality of spirit but by a tender and cherished tie, the memory of the lovely Lucy; a name we love to repeat. I should not probably however at this time have taken upon myself the honor of replying to the letter directed to my daughter, much as I am gratified to cultivate the friendship existing between our families, but for the circumstance of her present inability to use the pen. Her health has been rather slender all the summer, no serious disease but a prostration of strength & frequent days of suffering from a painful nervous affection. She had hoped to have met with the class of which she was a member at the Seminary on occasion of the recent anniversary, at their gathering to enjoy a parting interview

with Miss Chapin, but instead of that was obliged to keep her bed with her room darkened most of that week. She is now in some measure releived [sic], but weak & under the necessity of being very cautious in making exertion & especially in the use of her eyes. Perhaps in all this I may be only telling you old news, as Mr Hyde had some purposes of calling on you in his journey to Lincoln whither he is now gone, & if he has done so, you have had a report of our state. Yet as there was an uncertainty in respect to his seeing you, & as Julia was desirous of making an early acknowledgement of your very welcome letter, she desired me to avail myself of the comparative leisure which a few days stay with her afforded, to assist in making out a reply. The particulars you communicate respecting your family are all interesting to us. We rejoice in the comfort you have in your children; & we sympathise with Warren & with his Parents in his disappointment in regard to pursuing his studies - we had high expectations of his respectability & usefulness as a professional man, we trusted he would occupy an important place in the sacred profession & do much for the honor of his Saviour. But dear Mrs Goodale, we have no reason to doubt that the Lord is leading your beloved son in the right way. The hedging up of his chosen path may be the needful discipline to prepare him to serve his generation. It is right for us to consecrate our sons to the ministry. When we seek to train them for that laborious &

fearfully solemn office, we desire for them a good work. But we must remember that to dispose of them is not ours. 'The heart of a man deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his steps,' & we know not what we ask when we fix upon any particular course of life for these object of our love- How sweet it is to commit them & ourselves to Him who cannot err.

My husband & myself have had no child with us the past summer. Thomas is a member of Williams College & Sarah has been with Adeline since April. It has been rather hard to spare her so long but we hoped she was a comfort to her sister. She is to return with her father- her brother's vacation occurs soon & we are looking forward to a happy meeting, but how little do we know what the few intervening days may bring forth - My own health has been much as it was the previous summer - I was feeble the early part of last ^{winter} in consequence of an unusually serious attack of the old complaint, but I think I have regained the ground I lost at that time. As I hope Julia will be able to add a little to this letter, I leave the remaining space for her. Love to your dear family & much for yourself from your friend A.B. Hyde

My dear Mrs Goodale -

I feel that I must at least say so much as to thank you for your long expected and most welcome letter. Many months - almost a year - had elapsed since I had received any communications from your {pew?} -- during which time I had often remembered your family. And the week preceding

the arrival of your letter, I had especially dwelt upon you in thought and had resolved to employ the earliest hour when I could find time and strength in writing to you - Such an hour I have not yet found and for your sake I do not now regret it - as I feel that my mother's hand has better filled the sheet than mine could have done.- I am enjoying mother's company now very much - she seldom found me with so long a visit.

{envelope} Middlefield MA Aug 15

Mrs Millicent W. Goodale Marlboro Mass

Is Persis with you now? If so please give much love to her from me - I should like much to hear from her. Love also to Mary and Harriet - why will not Mary write to me - I should like to hear from her, about her school - and many other things. A kind remembrance also to each one of your family both from myself and Mr Clarke - Why may I not look for a letter from you & Mary jointly - ere long? Most affectionately yours, Julia

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Note: Julia Hyde is now Julia Hyde Clarke.

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