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Handmade Mother's Day card from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Handmade Mother's Day card from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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{image-stem of three red roses}

A Mother's Day Present.

{image-cutting of A.S. R. Ascot Heritage Lighter Ensemble. Here's a wonderful gift for Mother for the home. Richly designed, 3 piece lighter set $27.50}

I can't quite feature you with {this}

{image-14K 7-DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING. $5.00 Weekly $250.00. A precious diamond ring for Mother, a larger diamond ring that she has always wanted. Buy it on easy terms.}

and chicks would peck at this (referring to the ring)

{image-clipping Give Mother a Lovely Figurine on May 11. Exquisite Royal Doulton...ever worth of the most Beloved Mother. Your Mother's Day gift of a beautiful figurine will make May 11 a day forever remembered. For, whether you give one of these sketched "childhood characters" or any of the famous Royal Doulton English pieces, you choice will be treasured by Mothers of any age. All are bone china and richly colored. Measure from 5 inch height, and price from 12.50. All gifts beautifully wrapped without charge.}

We can get {illegible - page damaged} {image-card with red background and red carnations. To Mother with love on Mother's Day}

{image-clipping: Rosenweig's Jewelers, 35 North First Avenue. Give Mother, dainty Irish be ever treasured, yet ever useful. Known the world over, Irish Beleek is highly prized by the collector of china for its delicate eggshell thinness...its Mother of Pear sheen. Yet each handmade piece is designed for practical usefulness, while adding charm and beauty to your home. Sketched are only a few of available pieces. Heart-shaped dish, 22.50. Sugar & cream, 5.20. Pitcher (7-1/4" high), 21.45. (smaller size, 13.25)}

I dismissed these with quite a roar;

{image-clipping Mother on her day May 11. Fitted with extra carrying case 22.50. Unfitted in all sizes and colors from 8.95 plus tax. Her most treasured traveling companion will be this luxurious train case. Fitted for a queen. Her monogram in gold, at no charge.}

You don't travel with a tubful of cold cream.

So here's just a little check to satisfy some dreams.

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