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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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Aug. 2
I wish you had come on out to Flagstaff and we could have {page damaged} you up to enjoy the sce{page damaged}.

Dear Mother:

This is our last day of a very fine also very lazy vacation -- and not{page damaged} Kaibab squirrel seen yet! Yesterday was about our best day; we went part way back up to Point Sublime, there is a spring up there about half way running into a hollowed-out tree for the deer, among the most wonderful and primeval forest of fir, pine, spruce + aspen. We climbed several hillsides and got quantities of fossil sponges, productus, algae, and some other kinds of shells. This morning we are going to walk along the Transept Trail around Transept Canyon and hunt for an Indian ruin supposed to be along it somewhere, which we didn't see along it the other day. We have seen the sun set over the Canyon and the white walls

lighted by moonlight, a most unearthly experience -- We got your second letter h{page damaged} yesterday, it had really come Thursday {page damaged} we didn't get back out of the woods in {page damaged} that day. We are surprised that she is {page damaged} there, she told everyone she would only {page damaged} 2 or 3 days and then go home. August in-{page damaged} that I put on the last phrase on the {page damaged} so that you wouldn't allow her {page damaged} there, he knew she would worry you! and {page damaged} shouldn't be allowed to run around the country fleeing from mirages or imaginary images. It's too bad, but it shouldn't be allowed. I was going to tell you if she wasn't gone by the time we got back to Phoenix, we would ask the Sheriff to contact the authorities in K. F. to force the family to come after her, ^ {or} if they didn't do that to authorize her removal and transportation home, same to be paid for by the state. So I'll have to give you a few more days, but if it appears that she is going to continue to hand around, we will be forced to take proper steps. Those people have just abandoned her since it got a little unhandy and perhaps expensive. Some light shock treatments of glucose and insulin such as I gave August's father might help her. At least she should have psychiatric care. All you have to do is contact your Sheriff too + ask for removal + transportation. Love, Eleanor.

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