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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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Aug. 10
Eleanor H. Grandstaff, M.D.
4322 Francis Street
Kansas City 3, Kansas

Dear Mother: I guess I left us stuck in a mudhole four miles on the hither side of the much-praised Point Sublime; we worked there about 2 hours & tore up considerable of the park in the shape of bark, + small branches to throw in, + had to jack up both hind wheels + throw + pack a lot of stuff under them + around them before we got out at all. So then we just turned around + went back as we were practically out of gasoline, and we slid into the filling station long past registering gas. So at night we went to watch the sunset over the canyon and the dusk creep up from the bottom and around the canyon corners until the peaks out in the Canyon of Vishnu, Brahma, Wotan, and Isis stood floating darkly in a deep purple mist. Then we heard another Ranger's talk, and then another employees' entertainment. So then Friday morning we went back part way on the beautiful woodland drive toward Point Sublime but stopped at a spring piped into a trough for the deer. It's lovely on that wild woodland road, there are so many flowers, the forest is so thick that at some areas it is quite dark and impenetrable. We climbed up one ridge from the canyon and found many fine sponge fossils, productus, crinoids, etc. We climbed four ridges altogether, found fine picking

on two and nothing on two! We stayed around on this road, about seven miles from the main road, until late in the afternoon. In the evening we went to a ranger lecture on early explorers of the Colorado, and but we skipped the entertainment. I looked at the canyon cutting through the moonlight and deep into the shadows; an almost unearthly sight is made by the moonlight shining whitely on the facing canyon walls, as they go down and down though shining white in the glow. So Saturday morning we walked the Transept Trail again looking for an Indian ruin alleged to be along it somewhere + a little climb up but we never did see it. About noon we told the Canyons goodby and went on up through that gorgeous forest to Jacob Lake where we stayed around that afternoon and night. We left Jacob Lake about 8:00 a.m.+ got home about 7:30, but stayed in Oak Creek Canyon over an hour. It was very hot in Flagstaff + Oak Creek. ___ We have been working very hard all the week mowing, gardening, I have had long hard days all the week. Yesterday I cleaned the house good, and transposed the living room furniture as David had started standing on his head on the couch right by the window just trying to get his leg cut off! He thought it was great fun moving all the furniture around.Today I did a huge 2 weeks' washing + all the vacation extras, took 2 1/2 hours, then took about an hour to sort everything + put it away; also patched some things; dampened a bunch I never got around to ironing; cleaned the house a little more; baked a short cake,

Eleanor H. Grandstaff, M.D. Route 3, Box 336 Phoenix, Arizona

a 2 layer cake, a pan of brownies. I never got to mowing a border of the lawn either. I mowed 2 last night + have to get back over them again the last of the week. I am not sure I gave you the right telephone number, it is Alpine 4-6110, So there are 2 letters + 5 numbers to dial now. Then this evening we went to visit Barbarases, but found only the old man there, the wife and son are staying in Prescott at their summer {home} for the summer + they have {page damaged} up there {page damaged}, + raising a

summer garden, was {page damaged there this morning. He said Yarnell Hill this afternoon was lined with cars filled up + boiling away! We at Leila's chicken today + had strawberry shortcake. ___ We have decided to leave here next Sunday morning + arrive there about noon Monday ___ also "do not choose" to find C. there when we arrive. The corn + pumpkins are coming up fine, beans should soon come. Our best crop now is eggplants tomatoes + peppers were a complete failure. So __ auf wiedersehen.


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