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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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July 17.

Dear Mother:

It is really a cooker today and so humid too which makes it doubly bad. But I tell August if we are going to Arizona he is going to have to get used ^ {to} it. And I think now the crash is coming even sooner than anyone may think. The paper tonight featured an article about the highest prices on heifers, steers hogs and lambs since 1919-20. It can't last, I say. People ask me facetiously whether I have my Arizona ranch yet and I reply I am waiting for the crash to come and when people get good and hungry again we will go out and buy all we can. I was interested to find the other day that Arizona sill has a General Land Office -- at Phoenix I supposed the so-called land offices had been discontinued long ago, but there are a few yet, and that in Arizona is one. I spent $5000 Monday for a Federal Savings + loan investment, guaranteed by the government, and at

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white sacks you could take and dye and trim with something for work dresses if you would like to have them. I have about 6 we got sheep manure in and they are nice large ^ {clean} sacks but slick some way so they aren't good for dishtowels; if you would like to have them, I could dye them some color and they would last awhile. Cloth not that good sells for 40-60¢! I got some gabardine and a Mexican pattern and am going to make me a jacket with the design embroidered on the back and sleeves. If you weren't so busy you could do the embroidering for me. I said I could make one just as good as those Mexicans and it wouldn't cost so much either.

We went out o the park Sunday night to listen to the

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present paying 2%, which isn't much but is at least safe, I suppose. As long as gover^{n}ment guarantees hold out. The E bonds have to run so long before they make their 2.9%, and we will possibly be wanting to buy our land before 10 years.

I got August's electric razor, to surprise him with Saturday. He will have to get a wall receptacle and set in above the medicine closet where the wires come out before he can use it.

I got fitted with my new suits today, they are going to look very nice. I found cloth for the other lighter ones for summer. I wanted some cloth to make me another play suit to wear at home if it is going to be like this, but even poor cloth is worth (?) 70¢, so I have a blue, striped sack I think you sent me and one with blue spots on August brought me, and I will try to get some sort of suit out of them. I have quite a lot of plain

July 17.

concert, and I acquired another layer of chiggers.

They are going to do a brain Tumor at General tomorrow afternoon so that will be a hot fight, I couldn't do it any other time so it had to be then. I gave anesthetics 8 hours again yesterday.

Butter is 77¢ here, which we don't buy any more, but milk is 16¢ a quart. Chuck roast mostly fat + bone is 49¢. And so forth.

It has been so hot we haven't had courage to do the wall erasing to get ready for the pasting. Maybe we can get at it and finish it this week-end.

I hope the glasses arrive safely by the week-end, and won't figure in any more calamities If the ran over them I don't see how anything was left at all! I am glad to hear the harvest is over, and turned out that much -- about 1100 more than we thought last May.

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