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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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April 1 {Letterhead- Eleanor H. Grandstaff, M.D. 332 W. Willetta Phoenix, Arizona}

Dear Mother: I don't believe there is much to say today. I am trying to squeeze a letter out of David but it is always a painful process. I put the nice slick new pillowcase on his bed yesterday and he is supposed to mention them and all the nice handiwork. If you could get here to recuperate for awhile you could help me make about four pairs of inner cases as all I had which you made me out of the nice sugar sacks are disintegrated and gone. And lots of other light jobs I will never get to. There are at least 10 pairs of socks for David, but I don't get to them either. I was in bed Tuesday p.m. with much the worst attack I have had yet. Wednesday morning, fortunately I didn't have anything but had to get out of bed to go to sit with Jean, {?} in fact watched Jack's operation, then went

to see Dr. {Cogland?} so I missed the last book review of the season at Phoenix College. It has been a treat with light work to get to those this year; I learned several things. He increased some medicine + took me off the gout medicine which seems to cause me diarrhea + {?} in his {?} if I didn't clear up he would have to take me off work permanently or until I did. Jean invited us for Easter dinner tomorrow. I am going down for David's new Easter suit pretty soon, it is very pretty + looked real "sharp" - at least the coat, and the trousers are to be done today. I can lengthen his old trousers enough by taking out the cuffs that he could wear them for awhile for second- best. He got me a beautiful bouquet of carnations for Easter, + had reservations for tomorrow evening at Neptune's Table, which I didn't

2) {Letterhead- Eleanor H. Grandstaff, M.D. 332 W. Willetta Phoenix, Arizona} know about until I told him Jean had invited us for dinner. I had just gotten on sale four cream pies so I will just take two of them. She is going to roast a turkey, + really doesn't feel able to do so much. - The check is for something you need or would like to have now {not?} to be put away, so I expect to hear right away what you did with it- some dishes or a a nice nightie or a book or something, now. I think I will go the the writers' forum {at?} Phoenix College tonight. Do you know why the Easter bunny got associated with Easter? Well I don't either but it would make a good subject of research + to write an article about for next year. I just have so many things to do no wonder I never mend the socks or clean my bedroom. I could

just spend all my time researching and doing the things I like to do. Genevieve wrote a letter + said she just couldn't come, with the new baby coming and the garden and so on. I was hoping I could get her out here sometime and encourage her to take the Practical Nurses course at Technical School. I can't the last films right now, everything is so stirred up all the time, but I will surely find them before Christmas, I hope. We got the last slides back today + Minnie got an excellent picture of us all. People would like it for that reason. {Orange?} appears to be a spectacular puma. Its cloudy today by spells but quite warm + pleasant + have had the doors open all day. Flagstaff finally had about 28" of snow but we didn't get over 1/4 " of rain but everyone jubilant as the first moisture since October! Love, Eleanor

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