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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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Eleanor H. Grands Route 3 Box 336 Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Mother: I've got the packages today and there was lots of excitement for a while! I sneaked then out finally & hid them for Eaters. He loved the little alabaster things, & said, "Heck, Why doesn't Grandpa come & play with me & make me things all the time ?" So thanks for all - We are going to the Farm Bureau tonight, I haven't been there for about 5 month, first A. was sick , then I stayed home with David & his tonsillitis, then I was sick, & about 2 times before I was out & just { na .... ally page torn } didn't get home. I made upside down cake & succotash. Business has been slack this week; I plodded around here all the p.m. yesterday, cleaned the whole house rather throughly, sorted out magazines & piles of stuff cached here & there waiting for time to look at them & about ran myself down putting stuff away & where it belonged & throwing away. So today I worked on my splendid new coat, and have it sone now except the lining, hem, buttons & buttonholes. I guess I won't get the yellow skirt made I wanted.- Apr 1.- We got home early foe a change, from the Farm Bureau. David ate quite a little, the first time, I believe that he ate as much as a whole chicken leg.- I picked an all yellow bouquet yesterday to see what it would look like & put it in the big Mexican bowl: these are calendulas, vinidiums, african daisies, yellow rananculus, gazanias. It is real pretty. I {page torn} have roses too, one beautiful red one has opened up about 5 inches across. There are lots pf roses now. - The Easter sunrise from Grand Canyon will be at 6:30-7:30 there - over KTAR - National Broadcasting Co., Sunday morning. I am trying to get several Easter cards written before I go to work at nine oclock today & must hurry on.

.......................Love -


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