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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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{archivist note: 1950's} March 26.

Dear Mother:

Duck pictures are always my favorites. The baby ducks had a narrow escape Saturday. One of the Mother ducks got out + headed straight for the house, chased the babies and seized one by the head + was trying to kill it; she was so intent on infanticide that she didn't notice August until he seized her + threw her back in the pen. Today they heard the little ducks as they went shrieking after me to the washhouse, + immediately they all tried to jump out again + complete the murder! So somebody has to watch little ducks all the time or keep them in the house. I never heard of such ornery ducks. - David is moaning + complaining of earache tonight. I looked in them + the left ear is quite red and sore, so we started ear drops and hot packs to it. - I went to Good Samaritan staff meeting for the first time since last fall but didn't stay long. I brought my "pretties" home from Mesa today: of 16 entries I had 2 blue ribbons + six red, so that was pretty good! Father will be pleased that my "twisted" rug got a red ribbon, also my braided rug! I got blue ribbons on my crocheted handkerchief edge and on my embroidered chair set. red ribbons also on embroided handkerchiefs (3); ^ {embroidered} sheet +

pillow cases, knitted pillow cases {page damaged} embroidered crib bedspread; so the $10 will pay for the 2 trips over there + then some! Yesterday we went to church; went + got a box of oranges (60# for $2); came home + got our dinner + went to Litchfield Park to hear the Flagstaff College choir. The Baptist from Redlands I would rather have had stay in Redlands though. We didn't like the him. We walked around on the lovely grounds, which remind me somewhat of the Huntington Museum grounds with all sorts of hidden nooks, swimming pool in a dip, beautiful landscaping and flowers. Mr.l Litchfield is one of the officials of Goodyear Tire + Rubber Co. + this is his winter home. - We burned 3 borders + the oval yesterday a.m. early. You should see our garden grow. Love, Eleanor.

{image: drawing of mallard flying above catttails, handwritten caption: "Morning Mist"}

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