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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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Dear Mother: {1950's} August 20

I will "impress" one of David's birthday cards. We have {?} just had quite a {?} shower with fierce lightning, we had to hang a plastic tablecloth outside the back door to keep the back room from being completely flooded. David was right, when he got go up this morning he said "It's going to rain today; my ears are stopped up." And he did quite a lot of sniffing. Though I had taken him down to Dr. {?} yesterday + he thought he was doing real well and shouldn't need to come but once a week now. He gets 2 "shots" every time, + has had his nose packed every time with penicillin packs until this time. He is still coughing some; the bronchitis hasn't completely cleared up since we came back as it has been quite humid and sticky since we came back. - Saturday we thought we would take David to see "Bambi" + 2 other Disney pictures, but it looked as if half the people in town were trying to take their children; we got down at 1:20, + people were in a long line + we found out we couldn't get a seat till at least 3:10! It was "only" 102 degrees downtown that day, but we left them all standing in the sun + went to another show not so populous, "{?} Jungle", and "Shoot Out at Medicine Bend." that were pretty good. I sent Father some new "Shockers", but put in some old ones too, so they are all mixed in together. This pretty piece of stationery is from August's aunt in Topeka. We just got a letter from Aunt Lillian, the first letter she has directly written us since their trouble started back in May (?). She + the boy had gone back to Illinois by car which must have been a very hard trip for her. The rest of them went by plane. Apparently Uncle Fred is somewhere in a hospital as she says " I see Fred every day", but they are going to put him in a Veterans' Home + she says "then I won't see him very often." So he must be getting in pretty bad shape. -David + I went yesterday p.m. + got us our Siamese kitten one of the nurses at Memorial gave us. It is 5 weeks old, but quite a big kitten already, + very playful. It wouldn't sleep in the box they gave me for it but insisted on sleeping with me; every time I moved there it was snuggled up against me or

under my arm. It is really cute. We haven't thought of a name yet for her. - The red cloth is from 2 socks I had, + David requested a "Continental short, sleeved shirt, + a conventional long-sleeved shirt, so I managed to get both of them

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