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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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........ am at David's music lesson

Dear Mother: March 29

...I got your Friday card today, and hope the cold has abated by now and that you aren't having another big storm. There is 21" at Flagstaff of new snow, it rained here heavily last night ¼ inch and everybody is happy as that is more than we have had all winter! Betty Hartman and her little girl are here for a few days vacation, stopped in to se us this pm. - Did I send you quite ad large bunch of foreign postcards from Pan American? I can't find the pile so suppose I must have sent them . I meant for you to keep the large bunch from Italy, England, India etc. if you have them. Then there was a small bunch I think I sent mostly motels I have picked up free some duplicates I meant for Leon and, like this one from the Big Apple. I will have to take David out there again some time. I sent a small package yesterday and hope nothing got broken. The elephant is from Minnie. The robins are from David. The long bean pods are a mesquite - like bush on the dry - Arizona - like Kona coast to the north end, gathered on the pretty beach where I sent you pictures from. The pine branch is from one of the odd Norfolk pines, from further down on the Kona coast. The piece of chrysacolla is from the Inspiration Mine, they were giving away samples. He can have the peso and the hula girls are to liven up his keys. I will send more books in a few days, lend the McLaughin books where they will do any good - I have said for years the Catholics are as bad a menace as the Communists and I still stick to it. - I felt real stupid when I went to get the glasses to find I had forgotten which ones you need - So if you will let me know again I will get them - I think you need the cable car and the Golden Gate Bridge. Jack had a ganglion off his wrist today in Good Samaritan. Jean has been having asthma very badly & not well. Love Eleanor

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