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Letter from Wilma to Caroline and W. E. Henderson

Letter from Wilma to Caroline and W. E. Henderson
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Fri. p.m.

Dear Aunt Carolyn + Uncle Will,

I, too, was quite worried about Aunt Ina and after receiving your letter could not work until I found out something although in the middle of mid-term exams, reports, etc.

I persuaded Sister Doris to go with me to Aunt Myrtle's. She is alone, back up at the old home place. After talking with her and learning that she cleaned up and burned up the old junk from Aunt Ina's bedroom and the fact that Ina Ralph (Aunt Myrtle's son Bill's wife) + Willa Dean's Mother) promised Aunt Myrtle to check on Aunt Ina often I didn't feel that anything more could be done im-


Aunt Myrtle also stated that Tom+ Jewel planned to go down + see if they could persuade Aunt Ina to come up and stay with Aunt Myrtle.

The livestock Aunt Ina has, I'm sure she would not sell and I don't believe at this time that I could prevail upon her to visit me, So I feel I must bide my time.

I am planning to secure a different car. I hope in the near future, and I'll make a weekend trip over. By then Aunt Ina might come for a visit.

I appreciate your concern and I assure you I'll do what I can as soon as possible. I only hope have this thing figured out rightly.

With love, Wilma

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