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Letter and envelope from Mary Woolley to Jeannette Marks

Letter and envelope from Mary Woolley to Jeannette Marks
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288 Highstreet Pawtucket, R.I. 4'1'1902

My own precious love, oh! How I love you! I long so for you tonight, my Darling, to kiss you and hold you close and tell you how unspeakably dear you are to me, my own Treasure. I think of you every instant and cannot see any thing but your precious face. Dearest, I

love you so. I love you so and it breaks my heart to think that I was impatient even for a moment, oh my Darling, {?} doubt my love for one instant, I care for you beyond words to describe. I adore you, my own sister, and your happiness is so dear to me. I cannot tell

you how happy Dr. Fitz made me today. The thought of you as ill strikes a cold chill to my heart and I have suffered some times this year beyond any thing that you can even imagine, if God will spare us to each other, I will work, oh so hard! Dearest, I am tired

and must go to bed, to dream of my Bunny. My darling, be very careful of yourself, for the sake of your Maisie, whose life is bound up in yours, God bless you, my sweet {?}. Your own May

{envelope} {postmark} Miss Jeannette A. Marks Care Miss H. M. Carly Mansfield Massachussetts

{back of envelope} 288, Highstreet Pawtucket R.I.

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