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Letter and envelope from Mary Woolley to Jeannette Marks

Letter and envelope from Mary Woolley to Jeannette Marks
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[April 3. 1902]

My own little sister, it was very hard to see the train carrying away my own darling when I love her so dearly and depend upon her so entirely. Your face was so sweet, dearest, but I could hardly keep back remarks from my own eyes, as I watched you going away from me. Heart you are my joy and to have you well and

happy, makes me so happy. My Blessing, may every day be a brighter hue for you. Do you know how I depend upon you, how perfectly happy I am when I can put my arms around you and hold you close to me and kiss the truest eyes, the sweetest mouth, the dearest face that the Sun shines upon? I am trying to be brave tonight knowing that it will be only a few days before I shall see my Friend and tell her with my own lips how unspeakably dear and precious she is to me. Dear, God is very good to give us this love, which makes

life so bright, and I pray that he will make me worthy of it and of my own sister. It is after dinner, which Grace, Frank and I have had together, and I am going to dinner to please the {?} and {?} and will mail this on my way God Bless you Sweetheart you are in my thoughts every instant and I adore you... your own May.

288. High Street, Pawtucket, RI 4'3'1902

{postmark: Pawtucket April 3 9:00 PM '02}

Miss Jeannette A. Marks

Care Miss H. M. Cady



288 High Street


Rhode Island

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