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Letter and envelope from Mary Woolley to Jeannette Marks

Letter and envelope from Mary Woolley to Jeannette Marks
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11'1'1902 3.50 P.M. My precious, such a dear sweet letter as reached me this afternoon- it has done me good Darling - I am sorry about the headache, and back ache and upset stomach - Be sure to let me know if you

are ill, Dearest. Tomorrow morning I shall say - " Next week I shall see my Love My Jenn! " God bless you, My Own. This is a .little (?) Sunday love note to remind you all day, no matter what you are doing.that your Maisie {?} is loving you every instant

finding your face in front of me in church, at vespers {?} When she is resting all the {?} day! Love grows stronger and stronger - you are dearer to me every day of my life and I depend upon you, upon your companionship, your letters, your love - more and more. It is the sunshine

the joy of life. It makes work easy- ; weariness, rest and helps me in all that I do and am. God bless you, my Blessing! I cannot help being anxious about {thee?}, Sweet. Are you sure that you are not ill? My love, here is a big Sunday kiss!

Your own Love,

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