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April 29, 1900

Image: "MEW" initialed stationary

My pen is not very good and I am balancing a "Century" on my knee to serve as a writing desk, but I think that you will not be critical, dearest.

This is not to try to tell you what I have been doing. I will leave that until I see you, all about the formidable and imposing. Luncheon of two hundred and fifty, including educational and literary people

galore and lasting from half after eleven until quarter before six!

I have been to church this afternoon am resting a little, for my head feels rather big. I am interrupting a nap to tell you that I am so glad that I shall soon be with

you again, my darling. I miss you every hour of the day.

It is time for me to dress for dinner. My love for you, dearest, Yours M.E.W.


New York

April twenty-ninth

Nine teen hundred

{Envelope front: postmarked Brooklyn S1A, date not legible, 130AM} {Addressed:} Miss Jeanette A. Marks

Wellesley College



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