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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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March {9?} Dear Mother:

I missed writing last night as I had to go to General and help bore holes in somebody's head. then I just got home in time to go to the Philharmonic, the last concert of the season. Tonight I had to do the same, I had been home & got the ribs ready to barbecue and made a crust for the lemon pie which August made the filling for and had supper ready when

I got home. Tuesday Monday I was over there till late as they wanted to operate on a man drilled full of holes by a man whom he had beaten up in the morning because the hotel clerk gave the other man his mail first when they had asked for it at the same time. This one died so it was a good lesson to him (?). The one tonight died too in the midst of things, so there is another one to go, as such things

they say always occur in 3's. Tuesday night I washed the dishes and August went to a meeting, and I had to go to St. Luke's for a ruptured peptic ulcer and didn't get home till 11. Last night the concert was quite long, we didn't get home till after 11 again. Tonight we are going to a Concert of the Civic orchestra downtown. I am anxious to hear about your visit and hope to hear one of these days soon.

We are invited to a party Saturday night.

I wish you would mention something you need for your birthday. Maybe we can celebrate it together, which would be best, but I still don't know what we will be able to plan.
My diarrhea, and assorted troubles seem to have resolved themselves which is a great relief. I don't think I'll ever eat any more creamed chicken anywhere. Love, Eleanor

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