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Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson

Letter from Eleanor Henderson to Caroline Henderson
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Nov. 19 Dear Mother:

I never got home Saturday till 9:30 & so told August to send the Thanksgiving card and mail it. I gave one anesthetic at Research and one at Menorah and then got to General about 11:00 and they had saved 3 orthopedic cases for me that were practically in the g-{illegible}

done by four o'clock and then had a ruptured appendix, and then an appendix in a student nurse, and then they had dragged in a man whose friend had stuck a knife thru his ribs, and so had to be opened up, and his kidney was nearly slide in two and

had to be taken out. A few years of General Hospital really makes you refer to people as a class of descendants of a canine maternal master. In fact the canines should be insulted at the implication. It was a beautiful day Saturday but I didn't have a chance to enjoy it. So Sunday we got up and did the washing we put to soak Saturday morning, and I cleaned the house and put stuff away which is quite a large order around here, and got a meat loaf and scalloped macaroni and wilted lettuce and my canned wax beans, and had the ice cream August got for me Saturday, but I could make better ice cream. I made a

2-layer George's spice cake in the Oct. 1943 Woman's Day but didn't get the frosting made so will have to do that tonight. It is called Raisin Boiled Frosting. Today I had 4 cases at Menorah, one a woman 87 yrs. old with a broken hip. Then I got home early in the afternoon only to have to rush back to General to help with an old man, 83 years old, whose bladder they had ruptured taking out his prostate this morning, but he went ahead and died anyway. So now it is late and dark. August has gone after gasoline as I didn't have money for it today. -- I am glad the underwear were all right. I was afraid they might not do at all. -- I have been enjoying my striped flour sack

pajamas. I just sewed the 6 sacks together with flat seams, matching the stripes, and then cut them out like one piece of cloth. --- August brought home 3 pairs of his duck trousers that got too small, so I am going to make 2 uniform skirts out of them, one anyway. I have cut out and maybe will get to tonight and see how it looks. {illegible} have to quit. The weather is still lovely.

Love, Eleanor

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